Our Story

Keyworth News has been built on the support of 30 years of local businesses, individuals and organisations within the village. My father, Peter Corbett of Keyprint, thought up the idea in 1990 in response to the recession. In the early days it was a real Corbett family effort; with us all chipping in to do collating, stapling and delivery.


The Keyworth News has become the trusted, go-to place for the whole village for sourcing reliable business services and seeking out local information. Peter enlisted the support of the Keyworth Parish Council in the early stages and attributes the success of the Keyworth News to the incorporation of the Parish Village Diary which always takes pride of place in the centre page.


After 27 years and over 300 editions, Peter took a back seat and I took over over the running of your village magazine. A lot has changed since then, and for those of you who remember those rustic early days, I hope you will agree that the Keyworth News has adapted and improved over the years. The magazine is currently produced by our fourth editor, Peter´s daughter, Rachel Rosa. 


I would like to retain the uniqueness and charm of the publication and also continue to help it grow. Since I returned to Keyworth in 2015 with my young family, I have come to fully appreciate the great community spirit, its numerous clubs and the importance of shopping local and using local services. The Keyworth News will continue to be a platform to promote this.


Mark Corbett

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Mark Corbett, Keyworth News owner and Peter Corbett, Keyworth News founder
Rachel Rosa
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Editor and Artwork, Rachel Rosa